How Much Firewood is Too Much or Too Little?

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Jan. 72016


A Handy Firewood Checklist

Whether you use firewood to heat your home, cook in your restaurant, or just have the occasional fire in your fireplace, it’s important to determine how much wood to have on hand. Follow these simple guidelines to determine how much wood you need this season.

To Heat Your Home

When determining how much wood you need to have on hand for heating your home, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What environment do I live in?
  • Does it get cold all winter long?
  • Do I need to start a fire every day to heat my home?
  • How much room do I have for storage?
  • Can I hold a supply for the whole season or will I need to reorder?
  • Do I have an energy efficient wood stove?
  • How much wood does my stove need to burn a steady fire?

Generally, you should keep two years supply on hand to heat your home. You never know how cold or harsh the winter weather will get, so it’s better to have extra than run out mid season.

When purchasing firewood to heat your home, make sure to keep the wood off the ground. Its best to store the wood in a dry storage shed or stack it on pallets and cover it. Burning smarter and more efficiently will make your supply last longer and keep your chimney cleaner, so consider purchasing a more efficient wood stove or clean it often.

Premier Firewood Company™ offers a great selection of clean, kiln-dried firewood. Our wood is guaranteed to burn and emits less creosote. Our kiln-dried firewood consists of 100% mixed hardwoods and gives up to 35% more heat output than seasoned wood, making it very energy efficient.

For Your Restaurant

Do you have a restaurant that cooks on a wood grill? Not sure how much wood you should keep on hand at one time? Ask yourself these questions before ordering your next shipment of firewood:

  • How often does your restaurant use a wood-fire grill?
  • Do you plan to grill every day or do you grill seasonally?
  • Are you looking for different flavors from the wood?
  • How much storage do you have for wood?
  • Do you have dedicated outdoor storage or a small space inside?
  • Are you sourcing your wood locally?

At Premier Firewood Company™, we can make recommendations that fit the needs of your restaurant, cut your wood to order, delivery and stack your wood for you. All of our cooking wood is available for residential delivery as well. We offer a wide selection of the highest quality cooking woods, including oak firewood, hickory, cherry, apple and a blend of mixed hardwoods. We also offer specialty items such as wood chips, chunks, and sawdust.

For the Occasional Fire

If you have a fireplace, ask yourself these questions:

  • How often do you plan on having a fire?
  • How much room do you have for storage?
  • If you have limited space, can you share firewood with your neighbors?

We offer firewood for burning indoors, outdoors, for heating homes and for cooking. If you are looking for a romantic fireplace fire, we suggest on white birch firewood. The white birch burns clean and emits unique flames and a pleasant aroma, creating a beautiful burning experience.

Stock Up For The Season

Premier Firewood Company™ offers high-quality wood for all your burning needs. Call 203-866-4252 or order online today!

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