What Happens Inside the Kiln, Stays Inside the Kiln

By Dede Mulligan | Firewood
Jan. 182016
kiln dried firewood, Premier Firewood Company™, CT, NYC, NY
Wood after kiln drying, ready for delivery.

From Trees to Kiln Dried Firewood

Kiln dried firewood is wood that has been seasoned by drying inside a kiln. It is often available for sale in small packages designed for people who need firewood for a camping trip, but is also available in larger cords of wood for everyday use. There are a number of advantages to using kiln dried firewood, making it a popular choice for most people:


  • It’s mold and insect free
  • It weighs less
  • It burns cleaner and hotter


But drying wood isn’t an easy process. In kiln drying, wood is placed in a chamber where airflow, temperature and humidity are controlled to provide as rapid drying as the wood can tolerate, without breaking down the wood. The drying process removes a lot of moisture from the wood to optimizes the product’s performance in use.


When wood is first cut and still green, it contains a significant amount of water. Typically, the moisture content in green oak is 65-80 percent. The drying process reduces the moisture to 20% or lower. In addition, the high temperatures in the kiln kill any insects and mold within the wood.


The Drying Steps

The Wood: After a tree is cut, the wood is sorted before it starts the drying phase. Much of our wood comes from developers that are clearing lots for new homes in Fairfield County, CT and Westchester County, NY. We cut the wood into dryable logs that can easily enter and exit the kiln.Wood dries at different rates depending on the species, cut, thickness, density and resin content. Wood of the same species, length, cut and thickness is stacked in layers to form bundles of standard size. Wood is generally placed directly in the kiln for faster turnaround time and more control over drying.


The Kiln: When in the kiln, wood is essentially baked to force the moisture out. Kiln dried firewood can be seasoned in a fraction of the time it takes to prepare firewood under typical seasoning conditions, meaning the time the tree is cut and sold as burnable wood is very short.Our kiln is set to 200 degrees Fahrenheit and we bake our wood for 72 hours. This allows for an even disbursement of water as it leaves the wood and a more evenly seasoning.

The Storage: After wood is dried, we properly store it indoors to maintain durability and cleanliness. It is separated into full cords, half cords and smaller bundles, depending on your needs. Then, we deliver our high-quality product to your home or restaurant.


Premier Firewood Company™, Your Kiln Dried Firewood Supplier

Premier Firewood Company™ offers kiln dried, energy efficient firewood that burns hot and clean. To order your firewood today, call 203-866-4252 or order online 24 hours, 7 days a week.


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