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By Dede Mulligan | Firewood
Feb. 152016

Premier Firewood Company™ is New York City and Connecticut’s premier retailer of high-quality firewood and restaurant cooking wood. At Premier, we offer a selection of woods to fit anyone’s needs. Take a look at the products we currently offer:

Kiln-Dried Firewood

Premier Firewood Company™ is best known for its kiln-dried firewood. There are many advantages of kiln-dried wood over normal seasoning practices. The wood is expertly seasoned and baked at a high temperature in the kiln to force the moisture out. This allows for a short timespan of seasoning and also kills off any bugs. The high temperature also wards off mold and makes the wood weigh less since it contains very little moisture. The low moisture content allows the wood to burn hot and clean, giving you the most bang for your buck.

White Birch Firewood

Customers who want a superior, high-quality wood should order our white birch firewood. The birch tree is a small to medium tree that is known for its waterproof bark that is white, paper-thin and has dark horizontal stripes. The white birch firewood gives off unique flames and a pleasant aroma, making it ideal for indoor fireplaces. It is usually best to pair birch firewood with slower burning kiln-dried wood since it burns quickly.

Cooking Wood

Premier Firewood Company™ offers cooking wood for all local restaurants and homes. We carry oak, hickory, cherry, apple and a blend of mixed firewoods. This allows you to customize your dish’s flavor and experiment with new ones.  All of our cooking wood can be cut to order, sold in bundles or sold as loose pieces. We also offer specialty cooking items such as wood chips, chunks and saw dust.

Not currently cooking with wood? Visit our blog on why it could be the best move for your restaurant here.

Premier Firewood Company™ offers wood in many sizes. We offer half cords, full cords and fire starter kits. Check out our online pricing guide to make the best selection for your needs.

As always, we will deliver your order to your residents or business. We serve a wide range of local communities and areas in Westchester County, NY, New York City and Fairfield County, CT. We will also stack the wood for you and can deliver a rack with velcro for hassle-free, safe and dry storage.  

Premier Firewood Company™ offers something for everyone

Whether you have the occasional fire, use fire to heat your home or cook your meals, Premier Firewood Company™ can offer your the highest quality wood for your specific needs. Call 203-866-4252 or order online today.

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