DIY Firewood Racks

By Katie Conaway | Firewood
Aug. 162016

Use Tools or Not to Use Tools, That is the Question!

If you have a wood burning stove or just enjoy a wood burning fire (either outside or inside), chances are you need to store firewood. If you are game to “Do It Yourself” there are plenty of plans to choose from online.

Before selecting a wood rack plan, remember the four factors we shared in our previous blog “Tips for Storing Summer Firewood”:

  1. Size; how much wood you need determines how big the storage rack should be
  2. Location; close to your home for easy access or farther away for an outside location
  3. Protection; in order to have optimal burning potential, cover firewood to keep it dry from the elements
  4. Air Circulation; covering is must for protection, but airflow is essential to keep wood as dry as possible to prevent infestation and rotting

Once these characteristics are accounted for, you are ready to decide on a firewood rack plan. When considering which plan to use, decide how simple or elaborate you want your rack to turn out. The good news about firewood racks is that they can be as simple as pie! There are a lot of plans where no tools are required, just some basic materials and little imagination.

No Tools Required

With just a few materials a functional wood rack can be created within a half an hour or less. These simple no tools required options do not provide protection, however. Make sure to construct or move them under an overhang or some other type of covering. Also ensure that the sides are open for airflow and you’ll be all set. Below are two firewood racks that anyone could assemble. has an easy step by step plan to follow that will hold a face cord of heavy wood. The total cost for this plan is around $20 bucks, very cost effective!

Materials Needed:

  • 2 or 3 concrete blocks
  • 2 landscape timbers
  • (2) 2×4’s (8 or 10 footers cut in half)

Instructables Firewood Rack

The Garden Glove shares a couple of plans that are even simpler. One utilizes 2 cinder blocks and 4 scrap 2×4’s that are inserted into the cinder blocks at an angle. This is a good option for storing kindling.


Tools Required

When using more diverse materials in your wood rack, tools are required. This doesn’t mean your wood storage solution has to be expensive, though. In fact, another type of simple rack utilizes packing pallets. In this example, the pallets are screwed (not nailed) to wood braces. It is still a simple rack, but you do need screws and a screwdriver (electric screwdriver would probably work best) to assemble.



If you want it to be aesthetically pleasing as possible, however, chances are specific tools and materials will be needed in order to make your firewood rack of your dreams come true. Here is a plan for a wood rack with a tin roof from the DYI Network.

This 8 step plan uses the following tools and materials to get the job done:

Tools Needed:

  • Circular saw
  • Pneumatic nail gun with 1″ to 2” nails or framing nailer
  • Level
  • Measuring tape
  • Cordless drill

Materials Needed:

  • 8 length of pressure treated fencing
  • (1) 2x4x8’ foot board
  • (3) 2x3x8’ foot boards
  • 2 shipping pallets
  • 4 cups apple cider vinegar
  • Fine-steel wool
  • Sponge
  • Corrugated roofing panels
  • Roof fasteners with polycarbonate washers

As you can see this plan is a little more involved. It requires quite a bit more materials and tools. It does provide protection and airflow for you firewood, while being pleasing to the eye. (Picture shown at the beginning of this post.)

These are just a couple of options to ponder. The type of rack you DIY is totally up to you. Determine how much time and money you want to spend and go for it. There are plenty of clever plans to choose from, so explore your options and have fun!

Need Firewood to Fill Your DIY Rack?

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