Why Hardwoods Make the Best Firewood

By Katie Conaway | Firewood
Jun. 262017

There is nothing like a real wood fire in fire pit or fireplace. The flickering of the flames, the crackle and smell of the wood works its way into the psyche and allows true relaxation to settle in the very bones. However, not just any old firewood will do. When selecting firewood to burn, make sure to choose the best option for efficient burn without excess smoke or sparks.

Not All Wood is Created Equal

All wood is fundamentally the same. What determines whether or not is will make the best firewood has to do with density and moisture. Hardwoods like maple, oak, hickory, ash and birch species have the highest energy per cord and more heat than softer woods like pine, spruce and poplar woods. How hot the wood gets and the length or burntime are essential, but the most important consideration whether the firewood is dry enough to burn.

Signs the Wood is Ready to be Firewood

Most wood burning enthusiasts know that “green wood” (aka freshly chopped wood) is the least desirable firewood to burn. It takes longer to get started and tends to hiss and produce excessive smoke. Why? Before the wood can burn the remaining moisture in the wood has to burn off, essentially drying out the wood so it can burn.

Below is a list of signs to look out for when determining if wood is dry enough for a roaring fire:

  • There are cracks or “checks” in the ends of the logs
  • Wood has changed color from  white/cream to grey/yellow
  • When you strike two pieces together, they sound hollow (“green wood” sounds solid and dull)
  • Dry wood weighs significantly less than “green wood”

Chopping and drying wood out properly before it is burned as firewood is key. However, the best seasoned wood is already available for purchase as firewood. The most efficient way to turn wood into firewood is by drying it in a kiln. Kiln dried firewood is guaranteed to burn clean.  It does not contain insects, bugs or molds, gives up to 35% more heat output than seasoned wood and produces less creosote, keeping the chimney cleaner.

Premier Firewood Has the Best Kiln Dried Hardwoods

We can deliver your fire pit wood straight to your home in New York or Connecticut. No more mess, no more hassle, and no more hauling wood. Just quick, easy service; we’ll even stack up your firewood for you, too! Order online, or call us at 203-866-4252 today, and we’ll tell you more about why Premier’s kiln dried firewood is the best firewood.


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