Use Your Fire Pit as a Wood Fired Grill

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Jul. 182017

While sitting in front of your fire pit, ever wondered if you could cook food other than s’mores and hot dogs over it? The answer is yes! Convert a fire pit into a wood fired grill this summer and not only enjoy the allure of a comforting fire complete with crackle and wood smoke, but the aroma of a delicious meal cooking.

Grilling with Wood

Without a doubt, wood is the best fuel for grilling outdoors in the summer. It brings out the inner caveman in all of us. Since a wood fire is a “live” thing, the backyard chef must be engaged in the cooking process, tending the flames and harvesting the coals. Something “grilled” is infinitely more delicious too!

Gourmet chefs have embraced the layers of flavor wood provides in restaurants. Why not the the at-home chef? The fire pit is mostly used as a ambiance maker that you still around while visiting with friends and family. Everyone congregates there anyway, so don’t be stuck “tending the grill”, enjoy utilizing the fire pit as your grill and visiting with others at the same time.

Grill Grid

Any type of food item that is cooked over a traditional grill can be cooked over a fire pit. All you need to do is secure a grill grid over the top. A grill grid can be as simple as placement over the top of the fire pit while using the edges as support. There are commercial options as well, where the grill grid is attached to a movable arm that extends the grill grid over the fire pit’s surface lifting the cook surface further from flames.

Fire Pit Grill GrateFire Pit Grill Grate on Arm Extension


Rotisseries are also another way to convert your backyard fire pit into a cooking tool. If roasted is the flavor you are more interested in, rotisseries are the perfect option. They stand above a fire pit and the food is speared through a sturdy rod. Rotisseries are either manipulated with a handle manually turned by a cook or motor that keeps the food turning to ensure even heat distribution to cook on all sides. Metal cook baskets can also be used for food items that can not be easily speared. (i.e. fish and corn on the cob)

Fire Pit Rotisserie with Crank HandleFire Pit Motorized Rotisserie with Grill Basket


No matter what method used to grill over a fire pit, all will be delicious and engaging to you as the cook and the family/friends anxiously waiting to eat!

Premier Firewood Has the Perfect Fire Pit Firewood

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