How Much Firewood Should You Purchase?

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Oct. 162017

Before you purchase firewood, make sure to explore how much wood you may need to stock up on for the winter burning season. It starts with why. Do you need firewood as:

  • Primary source of heat or your home?
  • Cooking fuel for restaurant use?
  • Occasional wood burning fire at home?

In a previous blog, How Much Firewood is Too Much or Too Little, we suggested asking yourself questions to determine how much firewood to order for the wood burning season. For example, to determine how much wood to order for a wood stove, it’s a good idea to note if the climate is cold enough to require daily fires to heat your home. If purchasing wood for restaurant use, plan how often wood grilled food items will be available to patrons; daily, occasionally or for weekly specials. Once firewood consumption is determined, it is important to understand how firewood is measured and sold.

Cords and Half Cords

The official measurement of firewood is a cord. If you have ever purchased firewood before, then you have probably heard of a cord of wood. But, how much wood is in a cord of wood?

There are many names associated with a cord of wood (e.g. full or bush cord, face or rick cord), but the legal size of a cord of wood in the United States and Canada is measured as four feet wide by four feet high by eight feet long (4’x4’x8’) with a volume of 128 cubic feet. That’s a lot of wood! But firewood is usually not offered for sale in its official measurement, so it can get confusing.

Most firewood dealers sell firewood in increments smaller than a cord:

  • Full face cords = 8 feet wide x 4 feet high x 16-18 inches deep
  • Half face cords = 4 feet wide x 4 feet high x 16-18 inches deep

Avoid buying firewood that can not be related to a standard cord. This includes station wagon, pickup truck or other types of loads, that are difficult to measure, ultimately concealing higher prices per cord load.

Next, decide how much firewood will be needed. Typically a face cord will last the season if you plan to burn 1-2 fires per week. If consumption is greater than that, work with a reputable firewood dealer to determine how much firewood to order.

No matter why you need firewood, kiln dried seasoned firewood is always the optimal type of wood to purchase and store indoors. Why? Because it burns efficiently and is free of bugs, molds, and other harmful critters.

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