Comparing Seasoned Firewood vs Kiln-Dried for Cooking

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Jul. 102022

When it comes to finding the best firewood, seasoned firewood isn’t always an option that you can rely on. With our Premier Firewood, we have a specially designed process that allows us to make some of the best kiln-dried firewood you’ve ever used. Take your cooking and your fires to the next level with an elevated product that our customers love! 

Types of Firewood

When it comes to these types of firewood, there are two main methods used. Air-dried and kiln-dried are the types of wood you’ll typically see in this scenario. While air-drying is slower, kiln-dried firewood has a lower moisture content than air-dried firewood and is therefore easier to store indoors. Kiln-dried firewood is also cleaner than air-dried firewood and has a more even burn. 

Kiln-dried firewood for cooking has a lower moisture content, making it faster to ignite and reach the right temperature for cooking and smoking. This type of firewood doesn’t have to fight moisture, meaning that it can burn up to 45% hotter and twice as long. Due to the lower moisture content, kiln-dried wood is a much better option for cooking. Seasoned firewood may contain up to 50% moisture, which makes it difficult to keep a fire, and may require extra kindling to start it up. 

Kiln-Dried Wood

Kiln-dried firewood is perfect for cooking and baking. It’s also ideal for s’mores nights or making wood-fired pizza. With our kiln-dried firewood, you can truly take your cooking up a notch or two. Using kiln-dried firewood for cooking is the ideal option for chefs. These logs are available in a variety of species and sizes, but be sure to visit the rest of our website for a better understanding of your options. 

Kiln-dried firewood is better for cooking than wood that’s been air-dried. Kiln-dried wood is easy to ignite, produces a higher BTU output, and has lower levels of ash and creosote. The low moisture content also helps to promote clean combustion.

Compared to your average set of firewood, kiln-dried firewood is pest-free and disease-free. Because it’s been dried to an internal temperature of 160 degrees, it’s free of insects, moss, and mold. It also burns cleaner and longer than its seasoned firewood counterpart. 

Wide Variety of Options

Our kiln-dried is an amazing option for at home cooking or even commercial restaurants with wood fired ovens. With our Premier Pizza wood, you can make a pie just as well as the professionals! We offer regular and mini pizza splits, both having benefits from larger, stationary ovens or smaller, portable ovens. With cherry, oak, and hickory, you can find the perfect choice for yourself. 

With our firewood delivery options, we can fulfill your order within days, much quicker than any other company. For more information on our process and the types of wood we offer visit the rest of our website or call us today at 203-866-4252. With years of experience in the industry, we’re one of the leading experts in everything related to improving the cooking process within your home. 

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