Interested in Our Premier Firewood Sale?

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Sep. 142022

Premier Firewood offers the best in premium kiln dried firewood and cooking wood for sale in New York and Connecticut. Our selection of high quality woods can be ordered online and delivered right to your door! 

Guaranteed to Burn

Our kiln dried firewood is guaranteed to burn due to its low moisture content and produces less creosote so you can warm your space without the hassle of cleaning up excess mess. Whether you’re looking to cozy up next to a cackling fire in your home, or make some memories next to your backyard bonfire, Premier Firewood has you covered.

This Summer, take advantage of our firewood sale for your next social gathering! We offer 100% mixed hardwood, white birch firewood, cherry firewood, and round log bullets. Our website provides a variety of information on each wood type including smell, source, pairing recommendations, and heat outputs. Finding the perfect firewood for your next event has never been made easier! 

Highest Quality Available

Our firewood sale products are sourced from the highest quality trees and all logs are clean with no risk of insects or mold. Don’t compromise on low quality logs with large price tags, Premiere Firewood logs are affordably priced with convenient delivery options and exceptional service! 

Our wood doesn’t just shine in relation to our sales. Our specifically cut pizza wood is perfect for a massive brick oven, used to expertly cook beautiful tomato pies exactly how your customers want them. From at home pizza ovens to large restaurant style ovens, our pizza wood is the perfect fuel for these massive units. 

Accessories that Make for a Special Flame

Looking for wood or charcoal to cook with on the grill? We offer cherry, oak and hickory wood options to fit whatever meal you are in the mood for. Each wood has a unique smoke flavor that adds taste you can’t get with typical spices! Our cherry wood pairs beautifully with vegetables, steak, chicken, and seafood. Our hickory wood adds rich flavor to meats like brisket, pork, and ribs. Our oak wood option offers that classic oak taste and pairs well with your perfect Texas-style BBQ. 

Our charcoal products are perfect for Summer grilling sessions and outdoor events. We offer 100% natural hardwood lump charcoal with no additives or filler materials to make for the perfect burn. Our charcoal burns clean and produces less ash, making for an easy clean up and less mess. This charcoal type also lights faster and burns hotter than standard charcoal briquettes! Looking for a unique flavor in your food? Once our charcoal burns, it caramelizes natural sugars in food which produces mouth watering tastes that are unique to our product!

Summer Sales and Seasonal Sales Ahead

time. At affordable, everyday, pricing and quality that can’t be beat, our selection of firewood and charcoal products will garner customer satisfaction every time. 

Shopping ahead for the Fall? We offer 2 selections of high quality fire starters so you can keep your home warm and cozy in the chilly months. Our fatwood and kindling boxes are available to make starting your fireplace or bonfire a breeze!

To learn more about our products and delivery options, email us at [email protected] or visit us online for more information on our products. Interested in our pizza cut wood? Place an order or get more info by giving us a call at 203-866-4252

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