High Quality Fire Kindling At Affordable Pricing

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Sep. 292022

As Summer is winding down, prep your home for the Fall by purchasing fire kindling for your home fireplace. There’s nothing more cozy than staying in on a cold night next to your crackling living room fire. Premier Firewood Co. offers the best in firewood products and will leave your home feeling comfortable and Fall ready. 

A Box of Warmth to Love

Our fire kindling box includes pre-split small kindling to make your fire building experience simple and easy. In the Fairfield County or Westchester County area? We deliver firewood and kindling neatly packaged to your door! You never have to worry about going out to crowded stores and navigating in person shopping with our efficient and reliable delivery services! 

Quality Bundles at Affordable Prices

All of our products are affordably priced and made to be the highest quality firewood in the business. Our lovely smelling fire starters can be delivered fuss free! Our larger firewood packages also have a variety of delivery options. Firewood can be delivered with or without a rack depending on your needs. However, if you don’t already have a rack and choose to buy a new one, we’re happy to assemble it for you, stack the wood, and provide a velcro cover to keep it dry. Keeping your wood out of the elements is the best way to ensure its longevity. 

Store Safely for Longevity

Want to protect your fire kindling and firewood from the rainy August days? We suggest keeping logs or kindling off the ground to reduce the possibility of rot or infestation from insects. Storing packages on metal racks, concrete, or in covered areas like a shed or garage is a great way to protect your firewood from damage. All our firewood is kiln-dried to ensure a clean, reliable burn with every fire you create. 

Hurry While Firewood Stocks Last

There’s no better time to bulk up on your home’s fire kindling than now. Our pre-split kindling box is priced affordably at just $20! Stock up and order enough kindling to prepare your home for the last month of Summer and the cold months around the corner! Additionally, our fatwood box fire starter is great for fireplaces, stoves, campfires or grills! Our fatwood box is affordably priced at $28 and lights with just 2 sticks! Don’t wait, browse our fire starter collection here to start your next fire hassle free. 

Seeking Smaller Firewood Batches?

For those looking to order smaller firewood quantities. Premier Firewood offers curbside pick up to accommodate our customers! Call ahead and let us know when you’ll be stopping by and we can package your products and have them ready to go! When you arrive all you have to do is open your trunk and our dedicated staff will load your firewood for you! 

For more information on our products and product availability call us at 203-866-4252 or send us an email at [email protected]. To browse our nationwide shipping website, visit us online and we’ll answer your questions in a timely and professional manner. 

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