Fire Starters: Fatwood, Charcoal, & More!

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Oct. 272022

Fire is a welcome addition to any chilly evening, but sometimes without a starter like fatwood, it can be a hassle. Luckily, there are many different types of fire starters on the market. Not only do they work with fireplaces, they are also great for many other types of heating appliances. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.


Fatwood is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic fire starter that’s perfect for indoors and out. It doesn’t produce smoke or odors and has a long shelf life. You can use fatwood to light a small fire or start a large one in your fireplace. Plus, it’s waterproof and stable.

Fatwood is a byproduct of the logging industry and is harvested from tree stumps that contain resin and pitch. It comes in convenient packages weighing 10 pounds, ranging in length from three to twelve inches. It’s also great for cooking and BBQs. You can purchase our fatwood box here while also viewing our other fire starter options.


Flint fire starters are tools used by people to start fires in the wilderness. Some of these tools include one-handed fire starters. They can be carried on one’s key ring or lanyard. Flint is a common material used for making fires. It is lightweight, easily available, and is known for its lighting abilities.

A quality flint fire starter is made with care and precision. It should be smooth, shiny, and gray in color. The hardness of a flint rock can be tested by cutting a piece of glass. Flint is often seen as the complete opposite from fatwood as it requires a little bit of force to be useful. 


While gathering kindling is often a job given to kids, its importance in making a fire is crucial. If you’ve ever attended sleepaway camp, you probably learned the importance of kindling and how it can assist with the process of making a fire. You can often find small sticks or debris in the woods to start a fire before adding your logs. 

However, going out on your own in the woods to find smaller pieces of wood can be tricky. With fresh or damp kindling, you’ll find your fire won’t light properly. Proper kindling needs to be dry and stored properly, which is where we come in.

Our pre-split kindling box is perfect for home owners that don’t have the time or resources to gather their own kindling. Our wood is always dried perfectly and ready to be used whenever you need it.


This type of starter is seen as a signature part of most fires, especially BBQ’s. Charcoal is a great way to start your fire quickly and keep it alive and well. While it’s one of the dirtier fire starters, it’s still a great candidate for outdoor fires and cookouts. 

Our signature charcoal burns clean and produces almost no ash for you to deal with after, optimizing the part everyone hates; cleaning. This product is 100% natural and burns hotter than your standard charcoal bag at a wholesale store. 

For more information on our fire starters, ranging from fatwood to charcoal, be sure to check the rest of our website. We love talking about everything related to starting these beautiful fires, so feel free to ask questions about our products when you call us today at 203-866-4252

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