Choose a Better Option Than Firewood Seasoned with Time

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Dec. 142022

Seasoning is an age-old method for drying firewood. Firewood seasoned with time and air, however, is not the most effective or even the safest method of preparation.

The seasoning process relies on drying wood over an extended period of time. Freshly cut wood typically takes a minimum of six months to dry.

Properly seasoned wood requires nothing less than ideal conditions. That includes keeping it covered, having low humidity, and cutting it to the appropriate size.

We’re not saying it is impossible to find quality firewood seasoned with time and ambient air. Assessing the quality and consistency, however, can be difficult. And you won’t really know if your wood is completely dry until you burn it.

Without a moisture meter, it is difficult to assess how ignitable your firewood is. Basic moisture meters have their limitations. Typically they can’t penetrate all the way to the interior of a log to identify the innermost green wood.

Other considerations when looking at dry seasoned firewood are the state regulations for its movement and transportation.

The presence of invasive insects has led to rules and regulations regarding firewood transport in the northeast. There are stricter rules if you plan to take it over state lines.

Insects are another reason you don’t want any old logs coming into your home. Kiln drying eliminates insects, mold, and fungus. The latter two can create dangerous fumes if burned.

The superior alternative to seasoned wood is kiln-dried firewood. This wood burns hotter, more evenly, and produces less smoke due to its greatly reduced moisture content.

Firewood seasoned with air contains approximately 25% moisture content. An ideal percentage is below a 20 moisture level. The moisture level of kiln-dried wood is significantly lower than air-dried wood.

Reduced moisture creates uniformly dry pieces of wood. They burn hot, light easily, and produce more of the aromatics you want from a fire.

The amount of moisture in wood plays a significant role in the burning process. Moisture reduces heat output and increases smoke. Smoke contains creosote, which is a tar-like substance that produces thick black smoke. This substance builds up in chimneys and is not safe to breathe in.

We source the highest quality hardwoods; this ensures you will have a fire that smells wonderful and provides long-lasting warmth. With the power of kiln-dried firewood, your fires at home will be 10 times better than with any seasoned firewood that’s used. Be sure to visit our shop for more information on the types of firewood we offer, and why they’re superior over different brands.

We offer several varieties of hardwood for our cut firewood bundles. Depending on your preference for aroma, heat output, or aesthetics, there is the perfect type of wood for you. Choose from White Birch, Cherry, round logs, or a mixed bundle.

We take pride in offering a seamless ordering and delivery process, so you won’t have to labor over your firewood.

We will stack your order in a place of your choosing, so you can store your firewood safely. We can also provide racks and covers if that is something you require.

Call us today to set up a delivery or curbside pickup! 203-866-4252

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