Dec. 272022

Buying firewood might be somewhat of an afterthought, until you need it! When trying to locate firewood for sale it is important to find quality wood from a trusted source. 

There is no shortage of wood laying around. Whether it’s the wood you want to burn is a different matter. You can even get firewood from the side of the road!

There are many considerations when buying firewood. Some of these include: easy ignition, heat output, and how long it burns. We make sure to check those boxes and more.

We’ve got the ignition part covered by our kiln drying process. A kiln is a large industrial oven that we use to heat the wood and reduce its moisture content. This fast and efficient process produces a wood that lights fast and burns evenly.

In contrast, seasoning firewood involves letting wood dry naturally over a long period of time; a method that doesn’t always produce consistent results. This also creates an environment rife with opportunity for mold, fungus, and insects to thrive. 

Safety is another consideration when looking for firewood for sale. Burning mold and fungus can create noxious fumes that, if inhaled, can cause serious health issues. Mold is also not something you want entering your home for any reason. 

Insects love dead wood, and it is often impossible to see wood borers since they live deep within the wood. Kiln dried firewood does not come with any of these unwanted extras in your bundle. 

If you’ve ever thrown green wood on a fire you know how smokey it can get. This is another downside of seasoned wood. Not only is too much smoke unpleasant, it also contains harmful substances such as Creosote. Creosote can build up in chimneys, which is a common cause of chimney fires. 

We sell high quality hardwoods that burn hotter than softwoods, and they won’t turn to ash in minutes. That way you won’t have to tend the fire all night. 

Different wood produces different aromas and colors in the flames. With our selection of high quality hardwoods you can choose sweet smelling White Birch for its beautiful blue flames, or long lasting Cherrywood with its pretty purple glow. 

Or shake things up with our mixed bundle of local wood containing oak, maple, beech, ash, and cherry. Whatever your preference, we’ve got the firewood for sale to suit your needs. 

At Premier Firewood we also pride ourselves on white glove delivery service. You can have firewood delivered directly to your house. You don’t even have to be home! Just tell us where to stack it and we’ll do the rest. 

If you’re in the area and need to grab a cart for the evening, swing by our store for curbside service and we’ll load it into your trunk for you!

Firewood delivery is available in Fairfield County, CT and Westchester County, NY. So give us a call today to find out more! 203-866-4252

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