The Best Fires Start with High Quality Kindling Wood

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Jan. 202023

Everyone has their preferred method of fire building. Some start by constructing a pyramid base, while others build stick grids. You’ll need quality kindling wood to have a great fire, whatever your architectural preference for ignitability is. 

Fires don’t always produce the desired results. There are myriad factors that come into play: Humidity, wood density, wood quality, and moisture content, to name a few.

The greatest fires can require a lot of work up front. And Without the proper preparation your fire isn’t going to last beyond the first round of hot cider. Constructing a perfect fire is easy with kiln dried kindling. It burns consistently and lights easily.   

If you’ve built enough fires then you have probably experienced some that roar for five minutes then fizzle into a flicker. This typically happens because of inadequate kindling. A highly combustible, yet hardy base is crucial for a lasting fire and optimal thermal output. 

As kindling wood turns into embers it creates a hot core that powers you fire. With a hot enough core you won’t even need flames to burn hardwood logs. If you forget to feed your fire all you have to do is lay the log across the embers and it will ignite. 

When the party goes late and you’re tired of feeding the fire, those hot embers will still be radiating heat so you stay cozy and warm. 

If you forget your fire starter material, you might find yourself snatching twigs from trees, or wandering around the woods gathering armloads of sticks. Bushwhacking can be a fun activity if you’re camping with the family, but not when guests are due to arrive. 

Grab a box of our pre-split, kiln dried kindling wood and you can light the perfect fire in no time. Our kindling pieces are more robust than the twigs you might find strewn about your yard. 

Our kindling won’t disintegrate into wisps of ash the moment you light it. This makes it ideal for wood stoves too!  And because it’s kiln dried, it contains less than 15% moisture content, so it’ll light every time while generating 35% more heat than seasoned wood. 

Our Fatwood Box contains Pitch Pine that emits a wonderful aroma and is easily ignitable due to its high resin content. Throw some sweet smelling Cherrywood on top to enjoy the heat for hours, or turn up the blue flames with Birch. We’ll help you take your fires to a whole different level! 

Let us do the heavy lifting for you! Just swing by for curbside service and we’ll load a cart of wood into your trunk. We deliver to areas in Fairfield County, CT and Westchester County, NY. We’ll drop it off, stack it up, and provide you with a rack, if needed. 

Fire building has never been so simple! Call us today with questions or to set up a delivery! 203-866-4252.

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