Fun Facts for Your Summer Outdoor Fires

By Steve Vasale | Firewood
Jul. 172014
Great Way to End a Day is to Relax next to one of many Outdoor Fires
Great Way to End a Day is to Relax next to one of many Outdoor Fires

According to the American Society of Landscape Architects, outdoor fire pits are the number 1 requested design feature for homes today.

And if you live in New York or Connecticut, chances are you will be having outdoor fireside chats well into October. There is nothing like an outdoor fire with comfortable chairs around it to bring a family or group of friends closer together. If you have already constructed your pit and are looking to order firewood, here are a few questions we can answer before you place your order.

How Much Firewood Do You Need?

First and foremost you need to ask yourself: How many outdoor fires are you going to have per week? Will you have them on most weekends between now and the end of October? If that is the case, you are talking between 15-30 fires that may last for a few hours each time.

One of the advantages of ordering kiln dried logs is the moisture level is low and it is truly ready to burn. Therefore you could order a half-face cord, which is equivalent to 25 bundles and that should get you through the season. However, one of the benefits of kiln firewood is it is you can order it when you need it and the new order will be equally burnable when it arrive.

What About Storage of the Logs?

You need to keep the logs off the ground, under cover (such as a garage), and an area that allows maximum airflow to the logs from all sides.

Consider storing them in an area where it is convenient for your vendor to deliver the wood and it is easy access to your firepit.

What is the Best Way to Start Outdoor Fires?

When starting a fire, get rid of some of the old ash from past fires. If there are unburned logs in the pit, move them aside. Take crumpled paper and place it in the center of the pit. Then place some small kindling on top. Light the fire with a long match or firestarter. Once the kindling has started to burn, add your logs and sit back and enjoy the ambiance of the evening!

The key to any good fire is proper circulation and really good firewood.

What about Fire Safety?

Here are some great guidelines to adhere to when it comes to outdoor fires:

  • Never leave a fire unattended
  • If there are children present around the fire pit, always have an adult present
  • Teach children proper fire safety procedures
  • Keep your fire small
  • Check the weather – don’t start a fire in really windy conditions
  • Make certain the fire is fully extinguished before you retire into the house

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