Stop Spit, Sputter & Smoke! Buy Kiln Dried Firewood

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Aug. 142014
Premier Firewood Company™
Kiln Dried Firewood from Premier Firewood Company™ is the way to go!

If you have ever purchased seasoned, natural firewood you know what I am talking about. The vendor promised the wood was “dry” and would burn properly, but the truth is, seasoning can take months if not years to happen. Wood that is not properly seasoned does all the things listed above and has high moisture content, which means it will take a lot of effort on your part to get the fire started and keep it going all night long. Today’s blog will focus on the definition of kiln dried wood and the many advantages of this type of firewood.

What is Kiln Dried Firewood?

This type of firewood has been seasoned and baked at a high temperature to force most of the moisture out. This allows seasoning to occur over a very short timespan and because the firewood is baked all the same way, the respective fires that come from this wood are very efficient.

What is a Kiln?

A kiln is an industrial sized oven that blows hot air to properly season and dry the wood. It bakes the wood at 200 degrees for 72 hours straight. At the end of the process the wood has a moisture content of 10-25%, which allows the wood to burn evenly every time.

What are the Advantages of Kiln Dried Firewood?

It is Insect Free

The heat from the kiln kills all the insects and larvae that are in the wood. This is a big risk with naturally seasoned wood. Hence, you don’t have to worry about moving kiln dried firewood; the risk of moving invading species to your home or business is non-existent.

It is Mold Free

All potential mold spores are baked out during the kiln process.

It weighs less

Because the moisture is removed from the wood, you will find this product to be relatively lightweight.You will be able to easily haul it from your storage area to the cooking area or fireplace.

It burns cleaner

Kiln dried wood has less creosote which is better for your chimney and the environment.

It burns hotter

The general consensus is this type of wood gives off 35% more heat than traditional firewood.

Why Should You Buy Your Kiln Dried Firewood from Premier Firewood Company™?

Premier Firewood Co.™ provide reliable, efficient and clean firewood for individuals and restaurants throughout the Greater New York City and Connecticut area. Instead of trying to guess whether or not the wood is fully seasoned, choose kiln dried firewood and build your next fire with total confidence. You can place your order online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or call us at 203-866-4252.

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