Fantastic Fall Feature: Cooking Over Your Fire Pit

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Sep. 262014
Want to cook over your fire pit this fall? No problem! Learn about what you need to have!
Want to cook over your fire pit this fall? No problem!

Even though the leaves are turning and the evenings are getting cooler, autumn is the perfect time to cook around your fire pit. From hosting a tailgate party before the big game to roasting marshmallows with your kids at night, today’s blog post will focus on what you need to make this unique cooking experience.

Cooking Utensils for Every Fire Pit


A collapsible grill with 4 legs is a great device for cooking with skillets and pots as displayed in the photo above.


When you set up this 3-legged stand over the firepit, you are set to suspend pots and roasts from the center chains.

Dutch Oven

This classic cooking pot can have your meat, potatoes and vegetables in it. For the best heating, it should be buried in the hot coals from the fire pit which will create a total oven effect.

Cast Iron Skillets and Pots

Cast iron has many benefits, but the best one is durability. Once you invest in cast iron, these pots and pans literally last a lifetime. In addition, cast iron can withstand high heat and provide even heat transfer of the items in the skillet or pot – even if the fire is not even.

Cast iron skillets should be 10-12 inches in diameter and have lid. Pots should be at least have a 4 quart capacity and a durable, heat resistant handle. You will need to have fireproof oven mitts to handle the skillet and pots over the fire pit.

 Long Handled Spatula and Serving Spoon

If you need to turn things over or mix them around in the skillet or dutch oven, you want a handle long enough that it won’t get too hot over the fire. In addition, if you a making stew or chili over the tripod, a serving spoon is a must. Purchase ones that have Teflon coating, as metal ones can damage your cookware.


Perfect for putting firm vegetables and meats onto and grilling them on the open flame. Give them to your guests and let them cook their own meat!


When holding a family cookout or party, giving everyone a fork to cook hot dogs and brats is a wonderful way to get everyone around the campfire. After the meal, pull out the marshmallows for s’mores.

Aluminum Foil

Great to wrap meat or veggies in and place directly on the grill. I love doing this and putting canola oil and seasonings in the grill packet. My guests have raved about the flavoring and moistness in the meat or fish I serve.

Where You Should Buy Your Firewood

Premier Firewood Company™ is the place to go in the greater New York and Connecticut area. Kiln dried firewood is perfect for your fire pit because it has low moisture content which means your fire will burn evenly and the coals will last for a long time. Give us a call today at 203.866.4252 to place your order!

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