Tips for Storing Summer Firewood

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Jul. 182016
Firewood shed built with reclaimed materials.
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Before you can enjoy the comforting crackle of an open fire under the stars, make sure to consider the best way to store your firewood. Otherwise, you may have a smoky, smelly mess that quite frankly no one wants to experience on a pleasant summer night!

Think Size, Location, Protection, and Air Circulation

In an article on, when planning for outdoor storage of your firewood, there are four important things to consider, the first of which is size.


How big should your storage area be? The only way to answer this question is to determine how much wood you want to store.

Firewood is sold by the cord which is usually 4 feet deep x 4 feet tall x 8 feet long. However, much less firewood than a full cord is usually adequate for summer use. The usual amount is what is called a face cord which is one-third of a full cord that equates to 16 inches deep x 4 feet tall x 8 feet long. A good rule of thumb is to keep the height of your wood pile at or below shoulder height for safe, ease of access.


Consider where your summertime fires will be built and enjoyed. You want safe, easy access to extra logs to keep the fun burning!

  • Porch/Deck; make sure the framing is strong enough to carry the weight of your wood pile and elevate the stack to keep it dry and ready to burn
  • Stand-Alone Shed; if your summer fires are away from your main living area, sheds are a great option
  • Between Trees; trees provide easy end support, but remember to place a runner under the stack to keep if off the ground and cover the top according to


Many items when left out in the elements will degrade, especially firewood. To keep your wood from becoming wet, moldy, and/or infested with bugs it is best to keep your stack of firewood off the ground and covered. Firewood that comes into contact with the ground and is exposed to moisture and insects increases the rate of decay. Over time, the wood will be degraded to such an extent, that it will be useless for your summer fires.

Air Circulation

Wet wood is next to useless wood. According to World Forest Industries if you’re in a real pinch to protect your firewood, at the very least you must cover the top of the pile, but leave the sides open. This allows moisture to escape while keeping the majority of the wood dry. When storing in a woodshed or any firewood holder, ensure there is ample air circulation via vents or an open side(s).

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