Light Up Your Fire With Our Exceptional Wood Tinder

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Jun. 142022

Having a fire on those cold nights is always great, but without any wood tinder it can be quite difficult to start one. But what exactly is wood tinder? It’s small shavings and sticks that can burn very quickly to light the kindling. Once the kindling catches fire, your logs will start an exceptional and long-lasting flame.

Starting a fire isn’t always easy. The components of the weather, such as wind, can make it difficult for the fire to begin. That’s why, at Premiere Firewood, we offer outstanding fire starters, one of which is the Fatwood Box: 10 pounds of 100% natural “pitch pine” to make every fire a breeze. We also provide the option of a kindling box to place on top of the “pitch pine” to keep that fire going! 

Building Fires with Tinder

Building a fire should be stress-free; that way you can enjoy those warm moments with your family and friends. At Premiere Firewood, we want to ensure that all your firewood needs are met, which includes wood tinder(fatwood) and kindling. We are happy to provide you with all information regarding fires and how to start them! All our firewood has a detailed description, including its heat output, what occasion the wood is best used for, and its interesting characteristics. With our knowledge and experience, we can guarantee that your fire will be started in no time.

Using Tinder for Cooking

If you’re interested in starting a fire for cooking, we have just the thing for that as well! We offer three types of cooking chunks, half-log splits, cooking wood logs, and pizza splits. Each wood has a detailed description of its specific characteristics and what it’s best used for. For example, if you want that smokey taste in your meat, the cooking chunks. If you’re cooking something that needs to be on the grill for hours, then the half-log splits are a great choice since it has a longer burn. Our expertise and exceptional information on our website will ensure that you’re picking the right wood for you. Don’t forget the fire starters, though!

Quicker and Easier Fires

Fire starters will make your life easier; that way, you and your family can gather around and enjoy the warmth and aromas instead of sitting in the cold waiting for you to get the fire going. If you’re needing a fire starter for your cooking wood, don’t worry! We have high-quality charcoal that has been heated in a controlled environment. Our charcoal will light quickly and burn at the perfect temperature to ensure that all of your meals will taste amazing while simultaneously producing less ash, so cleanup is much easier! 

Come check us out for yourself! You can head to our website and gather all the information you need to ensure that your fire will burn faster and last longer. We also offer an exceptional delivery service so that you can sit back and enjoy a nice cup of coffee while our employees stack the wood for you and have the first match ready for you to light!

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