What is Seasoned Firewood? The Best or Worst Wood for Your Fires?

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Jun. 252022

As the weather gets colder, the desire for warm fires becomes enticing. However, the amount of wood out there can be overwhelming, especially when you aren’t sure which each firewood is best used for. One of the most talked about woods is seasoned wood; well, what is seasoned firewood? Seasoned firewood is wood left out to air dry between 6 months to a year. Another popular firewood is kiln-dried. Kiln-dried firewood is wood that is dried out in a kiln, which naturally takes away moisture. 

Well, if they’re both dry, how are they different? Take your chimney for example; when lighting a fire inside your home, you want to ensure that all the smoke can efficiently exit the chimney. Since seasoned wood is air-dried, there is a bit higher concentration of moisture still present in the logs. Due to this, not only will it take longer to light, but it causes a tremendous amount of smoke (which is not good for your chimney!). Kiln-dried firewood is guaranteed to lock out any moisture, guaranteeing that it lights quicker, burns longer, and has less smoke that can clog up your chimney. 

Seasoned firewood also takes a lot longer to dry than kiln firewood. With winter around the corner, waiting six months to a year isn’t exactly the best route to take. With kiln-dried wood, you can get your firewood instantly to ensure that you stay warm throughout the season. It’s efficient, burns easily, and keeps chimney maintenance at a minimum. 

So, what is seasoned firewood? Firewood that burns less efficiently, has more moisture content and produces much more smoke. It may seem like a great option due to its cheaper pricing, but with the amount of chimney maintenance you’ll have to undergo and the more wood you’d have to buy due to its short lifespan, you’ll end up paying more. 

Here at Premiere Firewood, we offer high-quality kiln-dried wood at an affordable price. Both our half-size cord and full-size cord will last you multiple winters to keep you warm and satisfied. We provide four different types of kiln-dried wood; 100% mixed hardwood, white birch firewood, cherry firewood, and round log bundles. 

100% mixed hardwood is perfect for s’mores and fire pits with a medium heat output. White birch is great for celebratory toasts and modern accents with medium heat output. Cherry firewood is exceptional for cold nights with a high heat output. Round Log firewood is fantastic for fireplaces with a medium heat output. 

You can view all of our kiln-dried wood along with detailed information about them to ensure you pick up the best firewood suited for your event. We also offer an outstanding delivery service that allows our employees to stack your firewood and have the first match ready for you to light! That way, you can sit back and enjoy the cold weather with no stress. 

Again, what is seasoned firewood? Not kiln-dried firewood, so Check out our website and order some kiln-dried firewood today!

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