Stacking Kiln-Dried Firewood Safely and Securely

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Feb. 242023

The coming of fall means that it’s time to get ready for those brisk nights by the fire. With that comes the need to stack your kiln-dried firewood properly for optimal use in your fireplace or campfire.

If you’re new to storing wood, it’s important to know the different ways to stack it. These tips will help you keep your firewood clean and pristine for the best results when it’s time to burn it.

End Pillars

Kiln-dried firewood has less moisture than seasoned wood and is easier to burn. It also is safer than seasoned wood because it kills bugs, mold and mildew that could otherwise be carried into your home or stored in your kiln.

It can take a long time for green wood to season properly, so kiln drying is an efficient way to get the moisture content of the wood down to a desirable level. It also requires less space to stack than seasoned wood.

The end pillars method is a simple and effective stacking technique for small spaces. It can be used to create circular piles of wood that don’t take up much space and are easy to move around.

It is important to keep the area around your stacked wood clean. Allowing weeds and other vegetation to grow around it increases the chances that the moisture within the wood will not evaporate quickly enough. Trimming grass and weeds regularly can help.

Criss Cross

Kiln-dried firewood is the preferred material for most people who have a fire pit, wood burning stove or fireplace. It’s cheaper and burns longer than green firewood, producing less smoke and soot.

Drying the wood in a kiln removes as much as 20 percent of its moisture. This helps the logs to ignite easier, burn hotter and produce less dirty smoke than traditional seasoned firewood.

The wood’s lower moisture content also means it burns cleaner, releasing less fine dust particles into the air that can irritate your breathing. Moreover, the kiln drying process eliminates fungus, mold and other insects that can spread to your home or cause health issues.

The key to storing kiln-dried firewood is to ensure it is properly elevated, away from the ground. This can be achieved by using cinder blocks, discarded pallets or wooden skids.

Square Stacks

Kiln-dried firewood is a great way to season your wood so it will be ready for use when you are. It is also cheaper and easier to manage than wood from the outdoors.

This method requires a lot of experience and is not ideal for people who have limited space. The logs are very tightly stacked on the outside but loosely arranged on the inside so they can allow moisture drainage and air flow.

To build this stack you need to have a good sunny location where the wood will get plenty of airflow and sunlight. This will help dry the wood quickly and make it ready for your next heating season.

When a stack gets captured (the top piece of the stack moves up one space horizontally or vertically), every piece of the stack is removed from play and can no longer be placed back on the board. If a stack containing a flag is captured, the flag is immediately placed back on its starting space and any pieces sitting in the space of the captured flag are removed from play.

Shaker Stacks

Stacking wood is an important part of the curing process, especially for kiln-dried firewood. When you use kiln-dried wood, you’re starting with the driest possible fuel and you don’t have to worry about it losing its moisture throughout the winter.

One of the most common methods of stacking wood is the shaker stacks method. This round formation is designed to make the most of oddly shaped logs, adding a beautiful appearance to your yard.

To build this stack, start by creating a base of three-four parallel rows of either treated 2x4s or pallets. Repeat this until you reach 12 rows high.

Next, lay the pieces of firewood so that their cut ends face prevailing winds. Depending on the climate in your area, this approach tends to get the most airflow and looks impressive.

To finish the construction, add long sticks to help support the pile. Plant them firmly in the ground, and then lean them against the woodpile to keep it stable.

Stacking firewood safely and securely is a great way to ensure its longevity. For more information regarding our firewood, be sure to visit the rest of our website, or give us a call with any questions at 203-866-4252

Kiln-dried firewood

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