The Key Benefits of Cooking Over an Open Flame

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Jul. 222014
Cooking Wood for Sale
Cooking Wood

Without a doubt, there is an ancient connection between man, fire and food. But who would have thought, given all the technology innovations over the last hundred years or so, chefs and cooks would willing return to the open flame? But they have  – and in droves.

According to Vermont Life Magazine, there are an increasing number of restaurants around the country who are using indoor wood-fired grills and ovens in order to put a smoke-kissed flavor on their customers’ food. And many restaurant owners would attest that cooking woods give their restaurant a warm and welcoming feeling.

Below are the testimonials of chefs, cooks and owners around the country about the benefits of cooking this way.

Cooking Woods Testimonials

Eric Warnstedt, Owner of  Hen of the Wood restaurant stated, “It just feels right to cook this way. You’ll walk in the door and you’ll smell the wood and you’ll smell the food.”

“Smoke is an ingredient,” shared Chef Jordan Ware.

Chef and Owner Stephen Sawyer of Table 24 restaurant prepares selected specialties on a wood-fired grill and rotisserie. He said, “I love the versatility of it, the simplicity of it.” At Table 24, you will see stacks of kiln dried cooking woods in the hallways.

“That subtle hint of wood smoke in the air gets your appetite going. People are drawn to fire,” stated Worthy Kitchen restaurant co-owner Dave Brodrick.

Andrea Mugnaini, Owner of Mugnaini Wood-Fired Ovens shared, “It’s alive and interactive. The higher temperatures allow for richer caramelization and that speckled char should be considered seasoning. It’s a flavor you can’t get in a conventional oven.”

Why Obtain Cooking Woods from Premier Firewood?

If your restaurant is in New York or Connecticut, there are several reasons to buy your cooking woods from Premier Firewood Company™. Here are five key benefits for busy restaurant owners and managers:

  1. We kiln dry our own firewood, ensuring the quality of the product from start to finish.
  2. Our cooking woods can be cut-to-order and sold loose or in bundles.
  3. We offer door-to-door delivery service.
  4. We have a wide selection of cooking woods from oak to apple firewood and varieties in between.
  5. We offer wood chips and saw dust cooking specialty items.

Premier Firewood Company™ knows firewood! If you are a chef or owner of a restaurant and want to cook over an open flame, we have the perfect wood for you! Please call us at 203.866.4252 to speak to one of our firewood specialist.

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