Special Tips for your Fireplace with our Premier Firewood!

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Nov. 302022

Your beautiful and custom-made fireplace is only as good as the “premier firewood” you put into it. When you’re hosting friends or family for a Christmas party, having a beautiful and crackling fireplace can make everything feel just a little more friendly.

There’s no doubt about it, the fireplace is the primary focal point of any holiday get-together. When decorating for the holidays, take care to plan and decorate the holiday fireplace mantel. There are timeless tips and tricks from decorators that you can utilize this holiday season before gathering around the “yule log“!


Decorators have spent time honing their craft by trial and error. We can benefit from their insight by adopting some simple rules of thumb when choosing what items will be displayed on the holiday mantel this year, and what type of premier firewood we use to warm up our hearts.

Color and Style

It is overwhelmingly advisable to keep a simple color palate for the best visual results (a maximum of 3 colors is recommended). When deciding on the color, take cues from the room. If the colors are subtle, stick with a less garish color palette (e.g. avoid ruby red and Kelly green; choose mulberry and evergreen instead).

Proportion and Height

When choosing and placing decorative items (candles, ornaments, statues, etc.) keep “balance” in mind.

  • Place similar objects opposite of one another
  • Place taller items on the ends working down to shorter visuals in the center
  • Drape the tails of the garland no further than 1/3 the height of the floor to the mantel for vertical proportion


  • Cut fold a fresh garland in ½ to zero in on the center for an even look & ensure it will drape the same on each end to avoid one end pointing up while the other points down (you can fold an artificial garland ½ instead of cutting since they are usually made of wire and can be easily manipulated)
  • Wrap lights around the garland before placing on the mantel while lit to ensure even spacing
  • When using ornaments, apply a dot of glue under the caps to ensure they do not slip off the display and shatter
  • If the on/off switch for lights is hard to reach, plug it into a remote control on/off switch
  • Use good wired ribbon which is easier to manipulate and will hold up year and year
  • Make sure the decorations will not catch fire, do not let flammable items hang in front of or into the fireplace opening – safety first!

The finishing touch is a roaring premier firewood burning fire! Don’t forget to use the best wood that produces minimal smoke and the right amount of crackle. Kiln-dried firewood is the perfect fit.

Order Your Holiday Firewood from Premier Firewood

Happy Holidays from our family at Premier Firewood Company™ to yours! Make sure to be prepared for the coziest celebrations with the most efficient firewood, kiln-dried firewood. Call 203-866-4252 or order online today for delivery. With the holidays right around the corner, there’s no better time to secure your next order of firewood!

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